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Water Softening Plant

Water Softening Plant
Water Softening Plant
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Product Description

Water Softening Plant:-

Water softening plant is used forremoval of total hardness dissolved in water. Water softening plant ensures themaximum utilization of the effective surface area, uniform space and linearvelocity across the resin bed which provides effective contact time betweenwater and resin bed yield soft water and prevent any precipitation and scaleformation on the surface of heat exchanges and any process equipment wherewater is being used for further application.

Why softening is done?

Scale build-up in pipes, resulting in decreased flow rates

  • Scale build-up on heating and cooling systems, leading to increased electricity costs and breakdowns.
  • White film on glass surfaces and staining on Water taps.
  • Increased laundry costs due to hard Water reacting with soap and laundry detergents.

A softenercontrols scaling by removing hard scale–forming cation such as calcium andmagnesium and exchanging (i.e., replacing) these ions for non scale- formingsodium ions.

Working principle

Water softening is a process whereCalcium and Magnesium ions are exchanged for Sodium ions. Calcium and Magnesiumions associated with Alkalinity contribute for scale formation. These ions arealso called as Total hardness.

The process of ion exchange softeningis completed using resin beads coated in sodium as a medium. The sodium of theresins attracts the ions of the minerals that harden the water. As the hardwater flows through the mineral tank, the sodium ions, which line the sides ofthe tank, are replaced by the mineral ions that are in the water flow, thusremoving those hard water minerals from the water, producing softenedwater.  When the resin is exhausted, it is regenerated with brine solution(Sodium Chloride) 10 % or 15% brine solution is normally used for theregeneration.

Our Water Softening Plant is known for its low maintenance, strong construction and easy to install features. It is widely used in different sectors like dairies, pharmaceuticals, chemicals industries, hospitals and many more places. This compact self contained system comprises SS vessels, UPVC piping and many more components. Moreover, our highly effective Water Softening Plant is based on ion exchange process to convert hard water ions of magnesium to sodium ions. It effectively removes all the hardness salts and provides a valuable return on your investment.

Water softener plant is designed to remove calcium and magnesium ions which cause the hardness of water. The hardness in raw water gets exchanged with sodium ions in the sodium based cationic resin bed, thus giving real soft water.

Water softening plant is available in Manual as well as PLC based control system with Fully Automatic Option. It is available in FRP/MSRL models.

Water softener plant is designed to cater to the requirement of scale Prevention of Utility / Plumbing Fixtures from Total Hardness. softners are available for Bungalow Institutional/ Industrial applications.

Water Softening Plants have been peculiarly designed to make treated water that is suited for various applications. Treated water of this plant is of consistency quality & have reduced residual hardness throughout the service cycle. The plants are employed to remove excessive levels of dissolved calcium & magnesium. Also, these are used for the separation of total hardness as well as soluble iron dissolved in water.

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