Mineral Water Plant

Mineral Water Plant / Water Packaging Plants are provided with online mineral including framework. Completely programmed blowing machine with performs loader and purge bottle release to filling machine. The filling machine performs programmed washing, filling and topping capacities. It is Mineral Water Plant / Water Packaging Plants with two Set out toward bottle body and security sleeve for bottle neck. Steam based Warmth Therapist Passage with Steam Generator. We deliver programmed Web Sealer with Wrapping Machine and completely Mineral Water Plant / Water Packaging Plants to pack the container in plastic film without plate. At our company, it is our steady exertion try to give exceptionally propelled programmed turnkey filtered water ventures composed towards the development and achievement of mineral water industry.

Key Features:

1) These plants create quality bundled drinking water.
2) They can coordinate to the size of your business.
3) Arrangement responds with water to frame hypo chlorite acids.
4) Concoction planning tank with an electronic stomach dosing pump.
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Turnkey Project Mineral Water Plant

Price: 12,75,00 INR

Turnkey Project Mineral Water Plants are widely employed as the optimal ways to enhance the water features. Determined by the requirements as well as the flourishing characteristics, these are ideal for all planting conditions. Also, these assist the people to better homes & gardens as well as a healthy aquatic life.

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Mineral Water Plant

Natural Mineral Water Plant is extensively used in the production of batteries and fertilizers. In addition, it is also used in ion exchange plants. The plant is provided with FRP, MS, MSRL or SS vessels. This DM plant is specifically developed for removing various mineral salts such as chloride, sulphate and nitrate present in water in the form of cations such as sodium, calcium, iron, copper and anions. It is installed in the industries for producing Natural Mineral Water Plant which prevents the deposition of minerals on various processing equipments.

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Packaged Drinking Water Plants

Drinking Water Packaging Plant is ideal for breweries, swimming pools and potable water. In this plant, the water is passed through cation resin column and then though anion resin column. This plant comprises of a two vessel system, best known to produce ultra pure water that is completely free from minerals. In the plant, all the cations and anions are completely converted into their respective acids.