EDI / Electrodeionization Process Plant

High immaculateness water generation has generally utilized a blend of film detachment and particle trade forms. EDI / Electrodeionization Process Plant is a procedure which consolidates semi-impermeable film innovation with particle trade media to give a high productivity demineralization process. Electro dialysis utilize electrical current and uniquely arranged films which are semi porous to particles in view of EDI / Electrodeionization Process Plants charge, electrical current, and capacity to diminish the particles based to their charge. Through electro dialysis an electrical potential transports and isolates charged watery species. The EDI Plant is utilized to consistently recover the sap, dispensing with the requirement for periodical recovery. The EDI procedure produces modern process water of high immaculateness, utilizing over 95% of the substance items utilized as a part of the customary particle trade forms.

Key Features:

1) Supplant the million gallons of corrosive and acidic chemicals.
2) Has the fundamental structure of a deionization chamber.
3) Chamber contains a particle trade tar.
4) The particles can go through the film, the water is blocked.
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Price: 210000 INR/Unit

Offered EDI Plants have EDI process that makes industrial procedure water of extremely high purity, utilizing less than 95% of the chemical products employed in the customary ion exchange procedures. The stacks of these have the basic construction of a deionization chamber.

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Electrodeionization Process

Electrodeionization Process Plants have been made to proffer high purity water. These go through a process, which have the utilization of semi-impermeable membrane technology with ion-exchange media so as to provide a high efficiency demineralization procedure. Settled on their charge, these have the ability to cut down the ions based to their charge.


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